Holiday Cheer from Columbus, Ohio: Flashing Santa

Iva’s post about her New York City subway experience with Mr. Upchuck reminded me of a few of my own New York City moments. One in particular was an avoided fist-fight while waiting in line to get on a Greyhound bus. I wasn’t involved in the fight, but part of the group telling the folks getting riled to chill.

One never knows when an unexpected moment will occur. That’s why they stand out so vividly. In Singapore, I don’t know if I ever had an unexpected moment from a street scene. Nothing stands out. Singapore is one of those places that anything unexpected is not on the street level where anyone might see it. In New Delhi, there were so many unexpected moments that they became expected. Anytime I ventured out into the city, I saw something that took me by surprise. In Taiwan, I was confused a good bit of the time, so I’m not sure if I would have recognized an unexpected moment if I saw one.

Because Columbus, Ohio is an urban area with urban issues, unexpected moments do happen, but I usually miss them because I live here. Generally, I’m not looking much further from the viewpoint of my daily life of getting things done along the paths I know well. Today, though, there was most definitely an unexpected moment at a place I pass all the time.

As my husband turned the corner from High Street to go towards the street where we live, there was Santa Claus sitting in a wheelchair on the corner with his pants undone. He wasn’t flashing exactly; he was peeing, facing traffic while talking with another man. Actually, the man just had on the Santa hat. The rest of his clothes were regular street attire. Still, there were snow flurries and this version of Santa is not something I expected to see at all. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction.