Stranger walks five year old girl off flight

I’m not sure if I would let my five year old daughter on a plane all by herself, but if I was forced to, I would make sure that the airline was keeping a sharp eye on the tot for the entire flight. That’s what a couple in Canada assumed when they purchased a special “Unaccompanied Minor” ticket on Westjet for their daughter.

Instead, the CBC reports that child was all but ignored. Instead, the friendly stranger sitting in the adjacent seat took it up on himself to take care of her, playing games on the plane and eventually escorting her out of security. Apparently they waited around for a Westjet representative to escort the girl out and after nobody came he took it upon himself.

The good thing about the whole debacle is that the stranger was just a normal nice person walking a little girl off an airplane. It’s a good thing that this guy was around and some nutcase didn’t pick her up at the airport.

Now the parents are furious that the airline didn’t do anything to take better care of their child. In the true (North) American fashion, they plan to sue.