Cleaning museum to open in Pocatello, Idaho

If you’re looking for the ideal family vacation destination — one that’s fun for every age, and maybe a bit educational as well — you have something to look forward to. Don Aslett’s Cleaning Museum is scheduled to open in fall 2008 in the small southeastern Idaho town Pocatello.

Don Aslett started a international janitorial company, and is as big a cleaning fan as you can find. In fact, in order to communicate the scale of cleaning he’s talking about, his museum will prominently display a giant model of Noah’s Ark — because we’re talking about biblical proportions of clean.

The 50,000-square-foot museum will include a horse-drawn street sweeper, as well as the largest antique vacuum cleaner collection in the world. And there’s stuff for the kids, too: a three-story globe called Kid’s Clean World where “children can take part in interactive exhibits teaching them how to wash their hands, make their bed and clean their room.”

And if you need some cleaning tips, the third floor of the five-floor museum will function as a training center.