Midwesterners: take a post vacation vacation in Hawaii

Continental and Northwest are currently in a bit of a fare war for each other’s Honolulu markets. So if you’re anywhere in the Midwest and could use a mini-vacation in January, check kayak for your fares; they just dropped to around the 400$ range.

Normal fares for this route are anywhere from 600 – 1500$, so this is a pretty good discount. Itineraries appear to work best traveling from Monday to Wednesday, so I would make sure to do a flex search (+/- 3 days) to make sure that you can find the best deals.

I’m getting the price out of the Detroit and Minneapolis markets but shop around, the fare could be good from elsewhere as well. Travel before the first couple of weeks in February to take advantage of the fare.

This might make a good “surprise! we’re going to Hawaii next week!” Christmas gift and is a lot less expensive than that Lexus you were about to get.