Woman sits in urine soaked airplane seat

As volumes increase over the holiday season, the crazy airline stories start rolling in. Just yesterday, a woman flying from West Palm Beach to Boston reported that she took her seat in and AirTran flight, only to find that it was soaked in urine. By the time she realized the gravity of her problem, it had soaked all the way through her clothes. So she had to go to the bathroom, remove her wet clothing and wrap herself in a blanket for the duration of the flight. At least they let her sit in a different seat.

What I’m most surprised about is that neither the airline nor any of the other customers offered to help out. Perhaps the author of the article left out those details, but if someone was sitting next to me who just got his or her clothing soaked in urine I would definitely offer up a shirt from my carry on for the person to wear.

Instead, the woman was forced to walk through the entire terminal and down to baggage claim with the blanket wrapped around her. How embarrassing.

AirTran agreed to refund the ticket and any clothing damage costs. They’re “investigating the matter” internally.