Christmas house light shows for feeling merry and bright

In Pickerington, Ohio on Hail Ridge Drive, neighbors get together to create a computerized, animated Christmas light show that they sychronize to music. Cars line up for blocks as people wait their turn. As they creep along, they tune to a specific radio station that plays music that goes with the display.

Two years ago a friend of mine and I took our sons to see it, but once we saw the traffic, decided to park and walk. I was happy to see the Star of David and a menorah at one house. It made me think, what a great neighborhood that everyone participates in a creative outpouring of goodness. That’s how I see it anyway.

At the house towards the middle of the street we waited for Santa to make his appearance. We were told he had stepped out by his helpers who were passing out candy canes and collecting canned goods. According to one of Santa’s elves, enough cans had been donated to fill a garage.

The display is happening again this year. There are 17 houses included in what is called Picktown Lights. The show is going on through New Year’s so I think we’ll go there again. Canned goods are again being collected. Since food banks are running low this year, I hope this makes a killing.

Here are some other light displays in various parts of the U.S. that are also individual households. The most famous one is perhaps the one in Mason, Ohio. As I was looking for others on YouTube, I found its rivals. Enjoy.

1. The one in Mason, Ohio

2. Unknown location

3. Frisco, Texas

4. Brooklyn, New York

5. Another unknown location, but very relaxing. Be patient. It starts slowly

6. One from Pickerington, Ohio. This one has close-ups mixed in.

7. This one is to “Christmas Shoes,” my daughter’s favorite Christmas song. This one couldn’t be loaded, but here’s the link.