Paid security lanes to help frequent fliers

A $100 yearly fee might make the trip through those dreaded security lanes a lot smoother for some travelers at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport (full story here). After TSA background checks, fliers would be issued a Clear card, which would allow them to make it through security in just four minutes. The program was first instituted in Orlando, where about 40,000 people have signed up, and it is under serious consideration at Atlanta’s airport.

This seems like a good idea to me, and I’m certain that some frequent fliers would find the $100 fee a small price to pay to ensure faster movement through security. Plus, it would mean there are that many fewer people in the regular security lines, where I’ll be, thinking of how to spend the $100 I’ll have saved by not buying into this program.

I wonder, would anyone like to see this program implemented more fully? Would you pay the $100 to be able to speed through security for a year?