Seven must-see abandoned wonders

Here’s a nice gallery of seven derelict structures around the US that you can visit. Yes, I know, I’m two months late on this one (Halloween), but by the looks of these pictures, the places look like they would be cool to visit year-round.

There’s one that I didn’t expect on the list: the old headquarters of Sun Microsystems in Palo Alto. Isn’t real estate in Silicon Valley going through the roof? It’s incredible that there’s all these abandoned buildings in the middle of bustling metropolises.

For something closer to home, there’s Western Penitentiary in Pittsburgh (I wrote for a paper there this summer). For some reason, there’s apparently lots of abandoned prisons in that region that are catering to tourists now. I dug up this nice article that a colleague of mine from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wrote about a prison tour he went on.

Now, my question is does anyone know of urban exploration clubs around New York (or anywhere else) that arrange expeditions to these kind of places?