Temples and churches to visit in New York City

I have spent so much time in New York City since my brother has lived there for years, that I often forget to look for the new things to do. The tried and true are enjoyable, plus I’m visiting which suits a different purpose. Site-seeing is a small part of my trips. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one place I head to often since it’s right across from Rockefeller Square and I like the way the candles smell.

Seth Kugel’s article, “Devotion in its Various Homes” is one that made me think, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” as an article idea. It also presents options for my next visit to New York.

Kugel gives presents an overview of the various places of worship in New York City that visitors of any faith might find interesting. Here is his list. Do you know of others?

1. The Islamic Cultural Center

2. The Ganesh Temple

3. The Elderidge Street Synogogue at the Museum of Elderidge Street

4. The Buddhist Association of New York. Kugel suggests a temple that is near the synogugue. Here is a link to a site that marks Chinatown’s temples.

Read Kugel’s article for descriptions of each place. This could be a do-it-yourself type tour you could take in a day. The wonderful thing about cities like New York is that there are large enough communities of the various religions that their places of worship have had time to develop.