Who is winning the commercial space race?

Every so often we like to bring our readers up to date regarding the future of commercial space flight.

As you know, a number of entrepreneurs are trying to cash in on the potential billion dollar industry and are currently in an all-out-race to corner the market.

So, who is winning the race?

Portfolio Magazine has kindly published a report card this month rating the major players in the field and detailing the various problems they’ve encountered and the current risk factor involved with each of their products. Sadly, two of the five companies are labeled as “very risky,” receiving four out of four danger rockets in their score. Surprisingly, all five hope to be up and running explosion-free within the next decade. The following are the anticipated operational dates–they’ll be here before you know it, so start saving your money now.

Bigelow Aerospace: 2012
Blue Origin: 2010
SpaceX: 2010
Armadillo Aerospace: “in the next several years”
Virgin Galactic: 2009