Poach, snowboard, video and win $5000

There are four resorts in North America that still prohibit snowboarding: Mad River Glen, Vermont; Deer Valley, Utah; Alta Ski Area, Utah; and Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico.

Encouraging a “peaceful protest” against the ban, famous snowboarding equipment company Burton is sponsoring a contest where you must to go to one or all of these resorts, snowboard, and submit a video of it. The best video in each resort will win $5000.

Contests are not meant to be easy, but I don’t think this would even be possible! It’s hard to hide your snowboard so I don’t see you getting past the entrance; if you do manage that, how would you go up the ski-lift without being asked to leave your snowboard behind? The only “ski-resort” I have been to is the one at a mall in Dubai, so I’m the last person qualified to even think about smart ways to enter a snowboarding prohibited center, but if any of you can enlighten, I’d be curious to know.

Also, other than the fact that snowboarding packs the snow in a way not very suitable for skiing, and the general complaints from traditional skiiers, what are the other reasons that justify the banning of snowboarding?

It seems like the competition was launched end of November 2007, and there are no videos up yet. For those who are excited by events that make you eat forbidden fruit, the deadline for this one is March 1, 2008. Videos should be 5-minutes long and in *.flv format.

Make sure you read the “Poaching Commandments”; full details on how to enter can be found here.