Racking up Mullet-Miles

Love it or hate it, the erstwhile Mullet is the kind of haircut that’s hard to ignore, and now a mad Scotsman – unfortunately sans le Mullet – is making his way around the world to visit every place on the globe that’s got the word “mullet” as a place name.

He’s currently in New Zealand, visiting such out of the way places as Mullet Point and Mullet Creek. So far he’s racked up 12 Mullet-sites and is on track for a spectacular total of 29.

Truth be told, most of the Mullet-sites in New Zealand are probably named after the fish.

The haircut that time and taste forgot is unfortunately still pretty big down here, although nothing in comparison to the tonsorial tragedies you’re likely to uncover in Eastern Europe or in the southern states of the US.

Click here (if you’re brave enough) for shocking photographic evidence.

And click here to visit the website of Simon Varwell, mullet hunter extraordinaire.

Thanks to Mr Jaded on Flickr for the London Mullet