Heading to West Virginia? Hit Hillbilly Hotdogs – Road trip tip

Traveling through West Virginia? Why not check out the finest “redneck diner” you’ll ever encounter? Just don’t take the Homewrecker Challenge on a full stomach.

If your travels take you through West Virginia, and you happen to be in the vicinity of Huntington, check out Hillbilly Hotdogs. It’s a small diner decorated in what the owners affectionately call “redneck chic.”

The dining area consists of two school buses, homemade barstools, and a picnic area adorned with hundreds of license plates from across the US. Patrons are invited to sign the walls (or any available surface) to commemorate their trip, and the staff will put on a great show if you ring the bell above the cash register.

The Summer Redneck Games: A Hootin’ Good Time!

Starting today, Gadling is taking a look at our favorite festivals around the world. From music festivals to cultural showcases to the just plain bizarre, we hope to inspire you to do some festival exploring of your own. Come back each week for our picks or find them all HERE.

Each July, nearly 100,000 visitors descend on East Dublin, Georgia to participate in a one-of-a-kind event known as the Summer Redneck Games. This unique festival is a celebration of “all things Redneck” including special feats of athleticism, a variety of culinary treats and plenty of fun.

The story of the Redneck Games begins in 1996 before the Atlanta Olympics. After outsiders began making fun of “Rednecks” who were hosting the games, a group of volunteers decided to do something about it. Enterprising locals took critics’ remarks as a challenge, organizing their very own “Redneck Games” and agreed to donate the proceeds from the event to charity. In its inaugural year, more than 5,000 visitors showed up. The organizers knew they were on to something. Over the last decade, the Redneck Games have continued to grow, with participation reaching 95,000 rednecks during the annual one-day July extravaganza.

Much like the Olympic games, the Redneck Games hosts a number of challenging athletic events, but with a uniquely Redneck twist. Favorite contests include the Hubcap Hurl, the Bobbin’ for Pigs Feet Fest, Mud Wrestling, and a special contest called Redneck Horseshoes, which uses toilet seats in place of the standard iron game pieces. There’s also plenty of authentic Redneck foods for hungry spectators, including Corn Dogs, Alligator Kebabs and Elephant Ears. You’re also sure hear authentic Redneck slang like “y’all,” “fixin’ to,” “do what?,” and the all-time favorite (as coined by Redneck favorite, Larry the Cable Guy), “Git R’ Done!”

Though the Redneck Games would seem to be a decidedly local affair, it has slowly attracted fans from across the U.S. and around the world. As the event has become more popular, a steady stream of participants from “above the Mason-Dixon line” has joined in the fun, with events taking place as far away as Canada and a range of international media coverage.

There’s many misconceptions about the Games – critics decry the Redneck Games as nothing more than horseplay and drinking beer. But much like the comments the led to the event’s creation, event organizers and supporters have taken the remarks in stride. To its fans, the Redneck Games remain nothing but a silly, great time. Despite the increase in attendance and popularity, it remains much the same pure fun that it has always been.

Want to join in the craziness? Head down to Georgia this July 10th to check it out. Everyone is welcome – even Yankees…

British tour company offers “redneck free” vacations

Activities Abroad, a UK based tour company that offers upscale active vacations in places like Canada and Costa Rica has found itself on the receiving end of a ton of criticism.

The reason? They sent out 24,000 emails to potential customers describing the kind of people you will not see on their trips.

The company actually did research into the names of customers they associated with being “chav”, which is the Brit equivalent of the US redneck or trailer trash.

According to Activities Abroad, if your name is Britney, Kylie-Lianne, Bianca, Tiffany, Dazza, Chardonnay, Chantelle, Candice, Courtney or Shannon, you are probably a “chav”.

If your name is John, Sarah, James, Charles, Rachel, Michael, Alice, Lucy, Joseph or Charlotte then you are probably not trailer trash.

Good to know eh?

The managing director for the company says he feels it is time that the middle class finally stood up for themselves, and asks parents whether they’d want their kids playing at the shopping mall with the kind of people that hang around all day smoking cheap cigarettes.

So far, the campaign has only created 15 negative responses. The concept of advertising vacations where “certain” people won’t be found is of course pretty controversial, but I’m sure there is a market out there for it.

What do you think?


(Via: Telegraph.co.uk)

Racking up Mullet-Miles

Love it or hate it, the erstwhile Mullet is the kind of haircut that’s hard to ignore, and now a mad Scotsman – unfortunately sans le Mullet – is making his way around the world to visit every place on the globe that’s got the word “mullet” as a place name.

He’s currently in New Zealand, visiting such out of the way places as Mullet Point and Mullet Creek. So far he’s racked up 12 Mullet-sites and is on track for a spectacular total of 29.

Truth be told, most of the Mullet-sites in New Zealand are probably named after the fish.

The haircut that time and taste forgot is unfortunately still pretty big down here, although nothing in comparison to the tonsorial tragedies you’re likely to uncover in Eastern Europe or in the southern states of the US.

Click here (if you’re brave enough) for shocking photographic evidence.

And click here to visit the website of Simon Varwell, mullet hunter extraordinaire.

Thanks to Mr Jaded on Flickr for the London Mullet