Ohio’s not too happy, but here’s a travel video [sort of ] with Buckeye spirit

First of all, if you were watching David Letterman last night, was it interrupted for a press conference about the results of last National Championship football game? Just checking.

You can bet that people are feeling down in the mouth in Ohio because of OSU’s loss to LSU yesterday. Still, a loss doesn’t get in the way of Buckeye pride. I didn’t quite get football culture until I moved here–actually, I still don’t –not exactly, but I’ve learned a bit about the attraction. There’s an identity of being a Buckeye that transcends race, class, gender and age. I’ve also learned to alter my driving pattern around game day. Heading down Ackerman, Hudson, Lane or Kenny Roads when the games are home is a way to creep along as people stream off of 315 or I-71 in search of parking. It’s nuts.

Today when I received a link to the OSU Alumni Magazine in my in-box, a video link caught my attention. Made as Ohio State University promotional material, it features people, some in different parts of the world, who have sent in pictures of themselves spelling out O-H-I-O with their hands and arms. You may have seen it yesterday if you watched the game. It’s also to be used as a commercial during basketball coverage.

I got a charge from watching the video from figuring out where the pictures were taken and if I’ve been to the places featured myself. I saw some shots that reminded me of Gadling posts. Look for the one that’s related to Aaron’s post of his trip to Ecuador. The shots featured in the video were culled from hundreds that have been sent in to the O-H-I-O Spot, an OSU pride kind of project. Here’s the link to the other pictures. You can still submit to the project. Here’s the page for that.