Could terrorists hack your 787?

Ever get one of those turbulent landings where you think that with a little flight simulator experience you could land the plane better?

Well with the new 787’s computer system architecture, maybe you can! According to a recent UK Times article, the FAA is concerned with the potential connectivity between passengers’ entertainment systems and that of the airplane control. Their thought is that both software engines on the same computer system create a security vulnerability through which “hackers” and “terrorists” can access the flight system from their seats. Apparently, current Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) and flight systems do not operate in this way.

Perhaps it’s just me, but knowing a little about computers I can’t fathom how or when Boeing could allow a design flaw this serious. In addition to the ridiculous hardware and software securities that must exist between the two entities, does not a hacker need some way to access the system? Most AVOD systems run with a remote control or touchpad. Some new airlines, have USB, wireless or firewire ports on their systems, but aren’t these run on a closed seat loop?

Has anyone ever plugged a keyboard into an AVOD system and tried to reboot?

Perhaps some of the nerds out there can enlighten us. Anyone out there on Engadget ever hacked an AVOD system? I’m really interested to see how far off base on this I am, but to me this article stinks of an over protective bureaucracy nedlessley waving its arms over a problem that doesn’t really exist. In the end, our peace of mind is the only victim.