This is a bar, no profanities please

While the world is banning smoking in bars, restaurants are banning children, the city of St. Charles in St. Louis is planning to ban swearing, table-dancing, drinking drinking contests, or profane music in bars.

Although I appreciate its efforts to keep the pub environment as “clean” and orderly as possible, how do you stop people from swearing? Will they put a sign outside? Will they have undercover spies walking around eavesdropping on conversations and snitching about who they heard swearing? How bad must things get in this place to have to impose such a “Hitler” law? Aren’t they stepping on the basic civil-right of being able to say what you want?

The logic of some bans are just beyond me. I remember in Mumbai a few years ago, when an influential politician banned any nightclub to be open after 11pm! As a result, many nightclubs had secret back doors and as long as they weren’t too loud, they got away with being open until the wee-hours of the morning.

Although unfortunate for the respective cities, it’s good to know that these sort of absurd bans will never see the light of day outside a very limited area.