Are Americans really that dumb?

Yes I know how easy it is to bash everything that is American these days. But I thought of something while browsing through the just announced 2007 Darwin Awards. For the uninitiated, these are “honorary” prizes given to those who’ve “eliminated themselves from the gene pool” through really stupid stunts. 2007’s winner was a 58-year-old man who gave himself a 3-liter Sherry enema–and of course, died from an alcohol overdose.

These awards are indeed very funny, if not a bit morbid. They also made me think about just how cartoonishly comical Americans can be. Out of the five top entries from this year, four were from the states. The other one was from Germany.

Now, is this just because the Darwin Awards are US-centric–or that the majority of Western media, from where the competition gets its news, is focused on the US? Or is this the perfect example of just how stupid Americans are getting?