Drink your prohibited alcohol or the terrorists win

Yesterday I wrote about the time I stole a furtive gulp of Becherovka while going through airport security after I was told I couldn’t bring the bottle with me on the plane. Over at the San Francisco Chronicle’s travel site, Mark Morford’s new article “How to get drunk at the airport” describes how the author recently found himself in much the same situation after a bottle of port wine was pulled from his bag by a security agent in Spokane, Washington. In his predicament, though, Morford was dealing with one of the more sympathetic security guys in the country. He writes:

“I was ready to suggest the security guy take the port home and have a lovely new year, ready to extol the virtues of this particular not-at-all inexpensive Krohn 1991 vintage and say it wasn’t no cheap swill, that he should maybe light a fire and sip it carefully after dinner and wouldn’t that be nice, when he said the words I didn’t expect to hear.

‘You want to go have a few sips before you come back through?'”

Yes, yes he did. He finds an empty spot by the baggage claim, opens up his packed lunch, and has himself a nice little feast right there in the airport, declaring, “The terrorists lose again.”

Read the whole thing here.