More office time killers: Lufthansa’s Virtual Pilot

If you’re tired of reading through election coverage during your lunch hour, flex your brain a bit and give Lufthansa‘s Virtual Pilot a spin. It’s a geography quiz similar to the UNESCO game I posted late last year, loosely based around the cities and hubs from which Lufthansa flies. Despite being an obvious ad for the German product, it’s a fun way to kill a little time and brag to your friends about how high of a score you got. If I didn’t have a friend who was a geography genius I’d send the link out among my so called “travel society,” but I know his mental database of cities and countries will run all of the fun. Alas, there are worse impediments.

The fun thing about this quiz is that it’s given in three stages. In the first, you get countries and city locations from which you can can choose. In the second you only get country borders, while in the final you only get continents. Make sure you click the destination you want — even though the jet is heading in the direction of your cursor it won’t land unless you select a region.

My first score was 25399. You shouldn’t have any trouble beating it, but I’m only taking your first score.