JFK baggage handlers charged with stealing $250,000 in jewelry

Two baggage handlers at JFK airport, a 51-year-old worker and his 39-year-old supervisor, have been charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property, according to MSNBC.

The thieves haven’t been slowly pilfering individual luggage, however; instead, they stole everything from one container marked “high value.” One of the men opened the container, passed the goods off to the other guy, who put it in his jacket and later a locker — where the jewels were found.

Now, I’m in no way excusing the theft, but doesn’t it seem counterintuitive to mark something as “high value?”

Wow, if it’s not the baggage handlers, it’s the TSA. Which group frustrates you most?

Just in case you didn’t know how many people hate the TSA, here are some reasons to be annoyed with them: