Will Boeing’s 787 release turn into the fiasco that the A380 was?

We all remember the much hyped — and recurring letdowns — that led up to the release of the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger jumbo jet now flying over the Southeast Asian skies. It was a roller coaster of a journey, with EADS’s stock wildly galloping across European stock exchanges, investors crying murder and numerous management changes within the embattled airline company.

We all hoped that this wouldn’t happen to Boeing, our domestic and local favorite airplane manufacturer. But as their 787 reaches the critical stage of release vs. delay, more attention has turned to the possibility of further delays and a repeat of the A380 runaround. Indeed as the Wall Street Journal reported earlier, Boeing is close to making another delay announcement, and their 787 may not fly until the middle of this year.

But Boeing has more at stake than EADS. With the fastest selling jet in commercial airline history, the Chicago based company has not only 817 airplanes to deliver but a reputation and integrity to maintain. Investors have faithfully banked on their success and if Boeing balks on their promises there are going to be serious financial ramifications.

Good luck, my friends.