World’s largest penguin in a mighty cold spot

The world’s largest penguin is in Cut Bank, Montana. I passed by this penguin summer before last when we were heading to East Glacier. It was one of those occasions where our thoughts were on our destination without much time to spend on the areas we were zipping by in our quest for a relaxing time. I do remember a flash of the penguin and thinking, “I wonder what’s up with that?”

I had hoped we would have time to return to Cut Bank, but we were heading to visit friends in East Glacier at the edge of Glacier National Park and then onto Missoula without time to spare. When I was looking for information about the world’s largest snow globe, I came across the blog Penguins! devoted to–obviously, penguins. This particular penguin is 27 feet tall, weighs 5 tons and is in front of the Gateway Glacier Inn and Plaza. You can’t miss it.

Cut Bank has more than the world’s largest penguin going for it. It’s also one of the coldest places in the U.S. That’s why the penguin was constructed. To celebrate the honor. With cold places comes snow.

Of interest this time of year are snowmobiling trails, although you may have to contact the snowmobile club to find out about using them.

More importantly, this is a significant part of the Lewis and Clark trail. The explorers and their crew camped near here in 1806 and had a bit of a run in with the Blackfeet Indians who lived in the area. Today there’s a marker at Camp Disappointment, Lewis and Clark’s northernmost camp site, and another where the altercation happened.

Another place I wish we had time to stop was the Granite County Historical Society museum. I’m fond of historical society museums and this one looks like it’s a good one.