Oregon Truffle Festival

Here’s something I didn’t know. Truffles are at the peak of their season this time of year in Oregon. Frankly, I didn’t know truffles grew in Oregon. The word truffles actually makes me think of Piglet in Winnie the Pooh. Didn’t Piglet search for truffles? Or is that something else?

Truffles do grow wild in Oregon in large amounts and for the third year, this mushroom delicacy is being celebrated by the Oregon Truffle Festival in and around Eugene. Here it is being honored by its presence as an ingredient in many culinary delights, among other things. There is a Grand Truffle dinner which is already sold out. Curious how much it costs? $150. Truffle growers are the main focus on Saturday, but on Sunday the general public has their truffle time.

The main open to the general public event is the Festival Market Place on Sunday, January 27 . It’s $15 to get in, or $20 and a wine glass if you want to add wine tasting. There is a mix of wineries, other gourmet food producers and truffles to savor. You can buy truffles, watch truffles being cooked, listen to talks about truffles and taste truffles. This looks like an event that is perfect for warming up a cold day. Quite lush and elegant, I’m sure. I’d bring a wine glass.