Lost kitten survives flight in luggage hold

Late last week, a south Florida man headed for the airport accidentally zipped up his cat into his luggage, headed out and checked the bag all of the way to Texas. TSA apparently failed to notice a live animal in their x-ray screening process and let the baggage handlers load the poor cat into the belly of the American Airlines jet. Thirty thousand vertical feet, subzero temperatures and half a country later the bag emerged in Dallas, where in a further stupefying turn of events, the wrong passenger picked up the man’s luggage and took it home. Imagine not only finding the wrong belongings but a CAT inside of the bag that you brought home from the airport.

Amazingly, the cat survived the entire affair. The ride to the airport, checked into luggage, through two airline baggage systems out of the carousel and home with the wrong person. No word on how many times the cat relieved itself in the bag.

Meantime, the man’s wife in Florida was searching high and low for the kitten, to the point of putting up lost signs out on the street. She was probably pretty surprised to locate the cat in Texas. If only I could do that to some people I know.