Beatlemania returns to Liverpool

Since Liverpool is the The European Capital of Culture for 2008, the “Liverpudlians” have scheduled some interesting events–namely concerts–for this year. The local authorities have invited Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to help present Liverpool as the place to be. Liverpool hopes to attract people to come here and celebrate its link with the Beatles.

You can’t escape references to the Beatles in Liverpool, from the moment you arrive at the “John Lennon Airport”, go to the “Cavern Club” on Matthew Street, “Penny Lane”, to the time you brush your teeth at the “Hard Day’s Night” Hotel.

The biggest event of the year will probably be the Liverpool Sound concert Paul McCartney is hosting on June 1 at the Anfield soccer stadium.

Europe has been naming a “European Capital of Culture” every year since 1985. Usually it is actually two cities or regions that get a chance to show off their culture. Last year, it was Sibiu (Romania) and Luxembourg. The European Capital of Culture for 2008 are Stavanger/Sandness (Norway) and Liverpool (UK).