Loaded gun makes it through airport security

Ben Stiller’s friend on “There’s Something About Mary” wouldn’t let Ben go out with a loaded gun, and perhaps that’s a lesson we should all take to heart. But should you accidentally take your loaded firearm through airport security, you might not get caught. The TSA seems to be great at detecting your shampoo or engagement ring, but agents failed to detect a gun this past Sunday.

According to CNN, Gregory Scott Hinkle went through airport security at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport with a loaded weapon. After he made it through the checkpoint, he remembered that he had the gun, and returned to security to disclose it.

Rather than commend Hinkle for being honest, airport security instead called the police, who charged Hinkle with the crime of “possessing or transporting a firearm into an air carrier terminal where prohibited,” a misdemeanor. Hinkle was released that day, but is scheduled to appear in court on April 2.

The TSA claims that this incident is “not a systemic problem in that our testing indicates TSOs [Transportation Security Officers] have a very high success rate at finding firearms.”

It seems there’s no shortage of people who hate the TSA. Here are some other reasons to be annoyed with the agency:

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