Two ski experiences: Borovets in Bulgaria and Snow Trails, Mansfield, Ohio

Last night I did some Ohio skiing. It was nothing like this high speed ski experience of Balkan ski champion Cristo Angelov when he took on one of the ski trails at Borvovets in Bulgaria–not even close. Borovets is Bulgaria’s oldest winter resort. First , there are moutains. Snow Trails, where I went near Mansfield, about an hour north of Columbus, has what I would call mountain-like hills. The higher mountains in Ohio are to the south when you hit the Appalachians.

Taking a high speed ride with Cristo is a thrill. The angle is from his perspective so it seems like you are doing the skiing. All you see of him is his shadow. Sections of this YouTube video posted by skivid look a bit like an arcade game. I kept expecting people to get knocked over with some sort of graphic noises to show their demise. No accidents, but once Cristo does give a “Don’t move warning.”

For the Snow Trails version of skiing . . .

This YouTube ski video from Snow Trails posted by welljei two weeks ago shows the contrast between the two skiing experiences. There was more snow last night, though. Plus, it was dark. Still it was fun, and for those who are interested in a low key, easy to get to ski experience in the Midwest, I do think it’s worth heading there.