Pizza styles from around the US

Mmm, pizza. It’s been my favorite food since I was four years old, when it replaced mashed bananas. Mmm, mashed bananas.

Of course, all pizza is not created equal. We all know about New York style– thinner crust and what most people imagine when they think of pizza. But there’s also deep dish Chicago style and, my hometown favorite, thin crust St. Louis style. And that’s not all…

Over at Slice, “America’s Favorite Pizza Weblog,” Adam Kuban takes a look at all the regional styles of pizza that the US has to offer, including some lesser-known variations, like New Haven style, Ohio Valley style, and something called a Trenton Tomato Pie.

Check ’em all out here. Link via Cartophilia.

[Note: Though the above graphic may look delicious, do not attempt to lick your screen. I tried– it tastes like dust and static.]