Jackass: Prague edition

The trams in Prague are incredibly convenient and user-friendly. Most of the time, one arrives at your stop, the doors open automatically, and you hop on and enjoy the ride. However, at night– past mignight usually– there is a lit-up button located directly next to the doors that one must push in order to open them.

Oftentimes, people are utterly confounded when the doors do not automatically swing open for them. Their first instinct is never to try to locate some sort of button or lever to engage, but to bang on the tram doors and look sheepishly at the lucky folks inside who managed to solve the door-opening conundrum.

Tonight such an instance occurred, and the guy was let in by someone who eventually noticed his desperation and pushed the button for him. An early-twenties slacker type, he hopped aboard sporting a hooded sweatshirt advertising the metal band “Slipknot.” He wore a hat bearing the MTV logo on the front and the word “Jackass” on the back. The word was probably referencing the TV show, but you never know.