Airbus A380 Panorama Cockpit View

Pilots enjoy checking out new and unfamiliar cockpits. Maybe it’s because we’re still flying airplanes that were developed twenty or thirty years ago. In fact, it seems like we have to wait ten years at a time to see any new technology show up in the form of a new design.

So most of us have salivated over the 787 cockpit picture that hasn’t changed in a few years, and waited patiently for detailed images of the A380’s front office — but why not give us more to gawk at, Boeing and Airbus?

Well, someone listened. This panorama shot of the A380 cockpit really puts you in the ‘drivers’ seat.

Now if we could just get the same look at the 787. What do you say, Boeing? Throw us a bone while we wait on your beautiful Dreamliner!


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