Create like Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock’s studio in East Hampton, Long Island, methods and personality are featured quite nicely in this less than 4 minute YouTube video where he talks about his life and work. He mentions Cody, Wyoming and where he learned his techniques. It’s clear that a sense of place was important to him. Years ago my brother rented a house for the summer with another friend at East Quogue which is almost next door to East Hampton, but at the time was its less glitzy cousin. The first time I went out on this part of Long Island I was surprised by its beauty. The beaches here are quite lovely and there was a sense of remoteness, quite the opposite of Jones Beach near Manhattan. Pollock’s talk about painting sounds a bit like a world traveler’s process. He says “Because painting has a life of its own, I try to let it live.” Isn’t travel that way?

Outside of the house where Jackson Pollock lived and worked looks just like the place where I stayed. It’s a place that brings out one’s creativity and musings. In my search for Jackson Pollock stuff, I also came across this Web site where you can create like Jackson Pollock. Just move your mouse. I’ll let you figure out how it works since that’s part of the fun. Watch this short video for some inspiration.