Undercover TSA official makes it through security with mock explosive

Transportation Security Administration news seems to be popping up all over the place. First it alerted staff that covert testing was taking place (making it not so covert), then the screeners failed to catch explosives, and then the girlfriend of one of Gadling’s own bloggers got through security without valid ID. What’s in store this week? An online CNN video showing a failed undercover test of TSA screeners.

On Friday, January 25, the lucky folks of the CNN investigate team got to follow TSA undercover official “Jason” along to the Tampa International Airport. At the hotel room he strapped on a mock explosive tucked into an elastic back strap, and upon arrival at the airport made it through security clearance with no problem. CNN, in turn, got it all on tape.

Frequent tests are run by the TSA, but rarely are they made so public. The TSA did state however that the methods used by “Jason” to smuggle his mock explosive through security are common ones found on known terror websites; the video isn’t divulging anything new.

You can watch the video here. Confused on whether to feel safe or not? Read more about TSA covert testing at the TSA official website, then decide for yourself.