American man stabbed to death by a Prague cop

It has not been a good week for American tourists in the world. First, an American got attacked by an elephant in China. Then I read the morning news in Prague only to find out that a cop stabbed a 44-year American guy to death near the hockey stadium Sazka Arena in Prague 9.

Apparently, the American tourist was a soldier stationed at the military base in Germany. The Czech press is reporting that he and his friends were driving a car in Prague when the Czech cop (off duty, I think) started making “offensive gestures”, whatever that means. The American got out of the car and demanded an explanation. Instead the cop–who was drunk at the time–pulled out a knife and stabbed him three time into his chest, killing him instantly.

I was shocked. This kind of thing doesn’t happen much in Prague.

But, based on my recent experience with a violent lunatic in Athens, I will say this again: do not underestimate the temper of people in an unfamiliar country. When traveling, it is best to leave your ego at home. You just never know who you run into.