TSA hops on the blogging bandwagon

Yesterday I wrote about a CNN video that documented an undercover Transportation Security Administration official making it past security with a fake bomb. After a lot of comments in reference to that post, I got the general sense that the recent mishaps at airport security checkpoints have started to make people question the TSA’s legitimacy.

Don’t think that the TSA doesn’t know it has made some serious foul-ups in the past few months. In response to the CNN video, the TSA wrote a long explanation on their website regarding covert testing — what it is, how it is done, etc. It was a gentle reminder that the much talked about government organization wants us to feel safe.

Today the TSA stayed on that track when it took a small step as an administration, but a giant leap for traveling kind: it started a blog.

What? Yes, you read correctly, the TSA launched its Evolution of Security blog, possibly making it one of the hippest and tech savvy arms of the government. Why call it the Evolution of Security? because as the blog’s motto states, “Terrorists evolve. Threats evolve. Security must stay ahead. You play a part.”

Don’t worry, there’s some entertainment involved. Beyond playing a part in the evolution, you can also meet the bloggers to find out some fun facts: Ethel loves ice cream and Bob is a record collector. They’re not just TSA officials; they’re people.

Much like we here at Gadling encourage comments on our posts, the TSA blog is set up in order to “facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process.” Forget risking having your frustrations lost in the maze of cyberspace on lesser known blogs; make your way straight over to Evolution of Security and tell the TSA what you really think.