British Airways announces London – New York business class-only service

After Maxjet folded last year you would think that the corporate world would have learned, but according to British Airways their business class market is surging and this service fits their model. So they’re moving ahead with the unrolling of their London to New York (JFK) all-business class service.

Slated to begin in 2009, two Airbus A318‘s have been purchased to make the luxury voyage between the world’s two financial epicenters. And those willing to spring for the extra buck will be able to depart from London City (LCY), which is significantly closer to the city than Heathrow or Gatwick.

The jury is still out on the exact routing; for the seven airline nerds out there who read this blog, you know that the A318 can’t make it all the way between New York and London on one tank of petrol. Speculation is that the jet has to stop in Shannon partway through the journey to pick up some more fuel (any idea, Kent?). Sounds like an invitation for more traffic and airport problems to me.

Oh well, if the market calls for it I suppose there’s a place for another all-business class service. Maybe I’ll be able to test this one out before it folds.