Jetblue passengers to get free breakfast in February*

Free breakfast provided by Kraft that is.

This month, the mega-food-conglomerate is teaming up with Jetblue in a new sort of viral marketing campaign: they’re providing free breakfast to passengers on select flights across the nation with their new special low-fat cream cheese that they hope they can sucker people into buying.

In today’s Marketplace segment, members of Kraft’s PR team say that the “captive audience” on an airplane are an excellent market to which companies can now pitch ads. After all, where are the passengers going to go?

Perhaps if this campaign is successful we’ll be seeing more of these adverts from the likes of Countrywide Financial and Gap.

While I am pleased that tired, hungry passengers will be getting free breakfast (low fat, no less!) from Kraft, what concerns me more is the direction in which advertising in general is moving. Put it into perspective: we are now officially being strapped down and force fed corporate drivel. What will they serve up next?