Prague under wintry (read depressing) skies

I was reading the Sunday NY Times article called “Under Wintry Skies, A City Revealed“. It’s just what you would expect: an American writer who lives there is trying to justify living there by telling everybody that the winter there is “really not that bad.” He is listing all the advantages of going to Prague in the winter, as opposed to the summer. They range from “It’s not as touristy” to “It’s not as touristy.”

There is a good reason people don’t come to Prague in the winter. It is cold and gray. It doesn’t snow that much in Prague, so your chances of seeing the Gothic spires covered in snow are slim. Unless this is your fifth time visiting Prague, you have seen all the sights and are just going for the concerts, pub-crawls or food (yes, Prague is emerging as quite the foodie place!), don’t do it!

You often hear people say that the Czech Republic has the same climate as, say New York. This is not true. The biggest difference is the number of days with sunshine. It is not uncommon not to see the sun in Prague for several weeks at a time. Although it might be just as cold in New York, it is much sunnier. If you come for a day or two, you might not find it so depressing, but I usually start going crazy around this time of year…