Living in IKEA: It can be done

Anna’s post about IKEA brought back fond memories. Going to IKEA in Singapore and Taiwan were wonderful outings that helped us add affordable, aesthetically pleasing items to our apartments. IKEA saved me from despair in Taiwan. Not that I didn’t absolutely love our Taiwan apartment’s glass coffee and end tables with their chrome legs and the aquamarine colored vinyl-sided couch with its matching chairs.The chairs and couch had chrome legs to match the tables. When the apartment came furnished, I wasn’t quite counting on the colors and chrome. Let’s just say tastes differ. IKEA area rugs and throw pillows helped me tone down the noise a bit.

Each time I visited IKEA, a part of me wanted to live there. Mark Malkoff, a comedian/filmmaker did live in IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey for 6 days in January when his Manhattan apartment was being fumigated for cockroaches. Here’s the YouTube video of Mark’s first day. You’ll see some of the items Anna mentions. All the videos from the six days are on Mark’s Web site, Mark lives in IKEA . Here’s a link to the ABC News clip that gives a rundown of the story.