Vote your favorite city onto the Monopoly board

Ever since the first time I earned $10 for a second-place finish in a beauty contest, I’ve been a big fan of Monopoly. Sure, people tell me that my second-place prize was nothing more than “luck of the draw.” But that’s just more proof that jealousy can make people say some pretty stupid things.

Ahh, Monopoly. Where else can you benefit from a $200 bank error, visit a loved one in jail, and have other people pay for your opera tickets, all in one place? And with free parking to boot!

Because Monopoly and traveling are my two greatest loves, followed closely by my wife and daughter*, I was thrilled to see that a new Monopoly “World Edition” will soon be released, and that its creators are allowing Monopoly fans to vote on which 22 world cities will make it onto the board. So far, Montreal is, rather surprisingly, in the lead, followed by Paris, Cape Town, London, and Sydney.

Besides being able to choose from a pre-selected list of cities, you’re also able to write in your picks. These write-in cities will make up two of the spots on the board. Personally I’d like to nominate Akron, Ohio, to replace the low-rent Baltic Avenue, but I’m afraid that suggestion might fall on deaf ears.

Voting ends on Leap Day, February 29, so hurry on over there and make your little voice heard.

[Via Jaunted]

*I don’t have a wife and daughter. If I did, I’d almost certainly love one of them more than I love Monopoly.