Track Zurich’s trains in real time at

I don’t live anywhere near Switzerland, but this Google Maps mashup from makes me wish I did.

The map is a real-time visualization of public transportation in Zurich, showing exactly where all trains in the city are at any given time. Oddly enough, the system isn’t GPS-driven. Instead, it’s based on the timetables, “as Swiss trains are almost always on time.” Makes sense. Hovering over the icons as they zip around town shows the train’s name, next stop, and current speed. Eventually the system will factor in delays based on data parsed from the official website of the national railway company in Switzerland.

This home-brewed, unofficial tool should definitely be the model for other city’s public transportation websites. It’s fun to watch, and I can only imagine how useful it is for someone who relies on public transportation in Zurich on a daily basis.

[Via Grow-a-Brain]