Delhi to get monorail by 2010

Plans for a Delhi monorail were approved this week, promising three different lines on 45 kilometers of monorail track. Hopefully hopping on a tram instead of making your way by taxi, or other means, through the congested Delhi streets will be feasible by 2010, the projected year of completion.

Who gets to build the monorails remains to be decided. “The government will give options on which bids can be called on a global level,” stated local sources. 2010 may seem like pretty soon — or at least in terms of how long it takes to build 45 kilometers worth of monorail track — but the government has assured that the new transport will in fact be up and running by then. If they work fast enough, your next trip to the Indian capital will not only entail great tandoori but accessible public transportation as well.

Via Boing Boing