Divorcing? Head to Vegas for your “Divorce Party”

Las Vegas, Nevada, may be the place to get hitched in a hurry, but it’s also becoming THE place to celebrate when that same marriage falls apart. The L.A. Times reports that it only takes 6 weeks to get a divorce in Vegas (and as little as 16 days if you’re in the know), and ex-spouses are whooping it up once those papers are signed. Celebrities such as “Dancing with the Stars'” Shanna Moakler (see photo) are bringing attention to Vegas’ divorce parties by throwing their own.

More women than men are booking “divorce parties,” planned and catered events that are specifically for celebrating untying the knot. Andrea Eppolito, director of special events for Sushi Roku and Boa, reports that men usually just want a boys’ night out, whereas women aren’t always ready to hit the club scene. She’ll book special events for groups of women such as pedicures and massages with Champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Parties can average $125 a person for dinner and a toast to $2,000 each for a spa party. Parties range from the above relaxing girls’ weekend to vengeful nights out involving voodoo dolls and preceded by racy invitations — it really just depends on how you feel about your divorce.