Top 10 New York buildings to put on the “to see” list

New York is known for its skyline. Skyscrapers and notable architecture are what the city is made of, and although some of the city’s famous buildings leave much to be desired, there are a whole slew of them that are worth a visit.

The Center for Architecture recently came out with a list of 10 great buildings to see in New York. But the list doesn’t include more famous buildings like the Empire State Building; everyone knows what that one looks like. This list compiles the buildings that are a little more cutting edge, from the first green skyscraper to a store with a glass bridge and staircase. Here are the top five:

Conde Nast Building
Brooklyn Museum
Prada New York
Rose Center for Earth and Space
Apple Store Soho

Read about these and the other five buildings in the USA Today article.