Who has best US tap water? Los Angeles

Although Finland might have purer bottled water, believe it or not, Los Angeles has the tastiest tap water in the United States. Beating out 120 other cities at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, Los Angeles — part of the Metropolitan Water District of California — tied with Clearbrook, British Columbia for first place in the Best Municipal Water category. To me the Canadian city just might say “delicious water” a little better than LA, but you can’t contradict the judges.

Waters were judged based on taste, smell, texture, and above all, taste and clarity. Think judging water is a little strange? This was in fact the 18th competition to be held in Berkeley Springs, making it the world’s longest running water-tasting competition.

So what does all this tell us? While some hotels offer high end bottled water, you can assure yourself that you won’t have to invest a fortune in order to hydrate while in LA; just stick with the award winning tap water.

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