British researchers blow hole in airplane with “3 oz liquids”

In today’s chapter of alarmist security news, British Media published a report earlier this week claiming that they could obtain and formulate the right ingredients among 3.4 ounce bottles to blast a hole into the side of an airplane fuselage. They claim:

“The explosive was made by mixing two easily obtainable chemicals that can be carried through security in the permitted 100 millilitre containers.

To a security guard, the chemicals – which the Standard is not identifying and cost only a few pounds – are colourless and odourless and seem like water. They can be easily disguised, if necessary, as toiletries. “

But Kip Hawley over at the good ‘ol TSA claims says it’s not as easy as you think.. He says

“in recent tests, a National Lab was asked to formulate a test mixture and it took several tries using the best equipment and best scientists for it to even ignite. That was with a bomb prepared in advance in a lab setting. A less skilled person attempting to put it together inside a secure area or a plane is not a good bet.”

So perhaps we’re not as “at-risk” as the Brits claim we are. And I can see how this sort of sensationalist news reporting could try to stir up a controversy. But in a way, I can also sort of see how the bearish TSA could snub any idea that their rules aren’t efficient.

I just miss bringing bottles of wine in my checked luggage.