Love from London: It’s a great city, if you can afford it

I just made it to London and will be spending a week here. Lucky me! London is one of my favorite cities in the world. To use an overused cliche, London combines the best of Europe with the best of the US. Some people, I am sure, would argue against this statement, but I think it sums up London pretty well.

The biggest problem I have with London is how crazy expensive it is. Just to illustrate my point, one single fare tube ticket is 4GBP. That is about 850 dollars. Just kidding. It is about $8, but still. It is not cheap. The public transportation trick is to purchase an Oyster card, which allows you to add rides for only 1.50GBP.

London is also a very walkable city, which is what I plan on doing. How else am I going to report back on all the great pubs I frequented?