Trans-Siberia Railway: The backdrop for the movie thriller “Transsiberian”

There’s an adventurous ring to the Trans-Siberia Railway–the train that takes seven days to get from China to Mongolia and onto Russia. There’s a certain connotation that evokes images of glamor, the exotic and mysterious. Perhaps that’s why it’s the backdrop for a thriller in the tradition of Hitchcock and Agatha Christie due out this summer. It has Monika Bartyzel on Cinematical eager for its release. I have to agree. It sounds like the perfect blend of travel and intrigue.

In “Transsiberian” Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer play a married American couple, Roy and Jessie, who hop on the train in Beijing (then Peking during the time period that the movie is set) with an aim for a little excitement on their journey home from a stint as missionaries. As what can happen with any travel, but more so, what they envisioned doesn’t even come close to reality. Their personalities and missteps get them into less than stellar situations. Sure, they get the initial fun of a train ride and the expansive scenery of this part of the world in the winter, but they also get murder, drug dealing and deception when they settle into their train car with two other travelers. From the summary, here are missteps not to take that could help you avoid a big fat mess:

  1. Don’t get off the train (However, that puts a damper on sightseeing)
  2. If you do get off the train, don’t get off the train with the travelers you just met
  3. If you do get off the train, don’t one of the two of you miss the train and the other get off on the next stop
  4. Don’t kill anybody if you can help it.
  5. If you do kill someone, it might be better to come clean, particularly if the person might be a drug dealer and left a little something in your luggage.

When I’ve shared train cars with people I’ve been fairly lucky to not have anything overly weird happen. One guy , though, kept wanting to rub my foot–seriously, but other than that, I’ve shared food, conversation and slumber without hassle. I’m interested in seeing this flick for sure. Partly, I want to see what parts of Beijing, Lithuania and Spain ended up in the film. Also, I’m hoping Ben Kingsley who plays the officer looking to solve the crime is able to help Roy and Jessie have a happy travelers’ tale ending. Somehow, I don’t think so.