Two more young women claim mistreatment on Southwest

I officially feel bad for Southwest Airlines. In the wake of the internet ruckus when two young women flying from Florida to California got booted off a round trip flight for what they say was “being too pretty”, another two women from San Diego have spoken up and cried foul.

The sisters say that they were “unfairly treated and humiliated” on a flight between San Diego and Las Vegas, during which they were apparently “obnoxious and annoying,” according to the SW incident report. During one of the confrontations after a flight attendant refused the option to serve them alcohol, one of them allegedly claimed “I work for the TSA and you will be taken care of.” The women deny this.

In either a retaliatory or precautionary measure, the women were escorted off the flight upon arrival, after which they were questioned for a couple of hours and released.

What I find most interesting is that they’ve stayed mum about this entire affair and hadn’t even contacted customer service until a few days ago. I think that after the too-pretty-to-fly incident, they decided that it was their turn for the spotlight.

Apparently they’re currently investigating legal action.

Check out Southwest Airline’s official blog: Nuts About Southwest.

Update: Southwest comments on the fiasco.

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