Singapore Airlines to start business class only service between US and SE Asia

As market trends have been predicting left and right, business-class-only flights are the new big thing. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are scrambling to lock in routes between the East Coast and London, while Eos and Silverjet fight them off from Luton and Stansted.
But nobody has dared enter the transpacific market. Until now. Early Tuesday morning, Singapore Airlines announced the coronation of a new business-class-only service from New York and Los Angeles to Singapore. When they reconfigure their A340 aircraft, they will be the first of their kind, with 1-2-1 business-class seating throughout the entire cabin.

These are the same business class seats that they put on the A380, the ones that convert into a horizontal bed if you so desire. Coupled with the superior transpacific service that Singapore Airlines offers, this will definitely be a sought after flight.

Service is scheduled to start in May from New York direct to Singapore, while the Los Angeles flight will convert later in the summer. If you already had a flight during that time period, make sure you double check your schedule to make sure it hasn’t been tweaked.

All in all, it seems like a great product to me, although to be honest with you I’m a little scared to look at the price of seats. Once service gets rolling this summer I’ll try to get some good pictures and a real review for you guys.