The U.S. economy is affecting Florida tourism

Miami is number one on the list of falling home prices. That’s not all that has fallen in Florida. Tourists didn’t head to Florida in 2007 as much as they did in 2006. There were 1.5 million less. As a person who went to Florida for Christmas in 2006, left before New Years and did not return in 2007 we account for five of the folks. It was the four of us and my dad.

The 1.5 million drop is enough to make a negative dent in the tourism market. The Canadians are doing their part, though, to boost Florida’s economy. Ten percent more of them headed here in 2007. Floridians also stayed in their state to travel more closer to home. I do have a friend who goes to Key West every year. That’s one person who is a guarantee.

One of my friends didn’t go to Florida over winter break this year because she wanted to make sure if she spent the money the place would be really, really warm. Florida can’t promise that time of year will be sunny and bright. It poured the day we went to Disneyland. [see article]